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4"  Heliograph Mirror - MCA (SUR0030)
Compact 4" signalling mirror , MCA approved. ..
Anchor Ball (SAF0050)
A plastic 31cm ball that can be used as an international day signal when anchoring. ..
Aqua Sig Replacement Bulb 12V HAL (SAF0675)
Replacement 12v Halogen bulb for Aqua Signal handheld searchlight. ..
Aqua Signal 12V Searchlight
Waterproof handheld searchlight. Replacement bulbs available. ..
Green Lightstick 12hr (SUR0105)
Snap to activate lightsticks with at least 12 hours of emergency light, individually wrapped. ..
Ikaros Para. Illum Rocket (FLR5300)
Useful for lightweight, target identififcation, SAR and localised warning rocket. Features: ..
Ikaros Red Parachute Rocket - MCA (FLR5000)
Applications  For long range distress signalling on ships, lifeboats and life rafts. The bes..
Motoring Cone (SAF0055)
A collapsible plastic cone, 47x32 cm, used by sailing boats under engine power. ..
Odeo Distress Flare
The ODEO Distress Flare is the next generation of Electronic Visual Distress Signal Device (eVDSD). ..
Offshore Flare Pack
Offshore flare pack - packaged in a waterproof Poly bottle which floats , is portable and easy to st..
OS Yellow Poly Bottle (15lt) (FLR5820)
Waterproof poly bottles with a sealed ring top available in standard (15L) and large (20L) sizes. ..
RescueME EDF1 Electronic Distress Flare
The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to visual ..
Waterproof Torch c/w Spare Bulb (SUR0015)
Standard MED Ship's Wheel Approved torch, complete with a spare bulb. Waterproof Comes with ..
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