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ACR Firefly Pro LED Strobe
The new Firefly PRO emergency strobe light boasts an all new light output power management system th..
ACR Firefly Pro LED waterbug
The all-new Firefly Pro waterbug is a SOLAS approved strobe light with a built-in water activation f..
Aqua Signal 12V Searchlight
Waterproof handheld searchlight. Replacement bulbs available. ..
Coastal Flare Kit
Coastal flare pack - Packaged in a water resistant plastic bottle which is portable and easy to stow..
Exposure MOB Torch
Exposure XS Compact Torch - White Light
Compact Versatility Head torch Bite torch/Pendant torch Lantern Inspection light Marin..
Exposure XS-R Compact Torch - Red Light
The Exposure XS is an ultra-versatile LED micro torch. Compact yet powerful, it offers tremendous po..
Ikaros Buoyant Orange Smoke
Simply open the lid, pull the ring and throw the signal into the water. Upon activation the fla..
Ikaros Orange Hand Smoke
Created in the same style as the hand flares with a slightly heavier weight of 345g, once activated ..
Ikaros Red Hand Flare
Red leisure handflare having an average light intensity of 30000cd, 60 seconds of burn time and..
Ikaros White Hand Flare
White Leisure handflare having an average light intensity of 10000cd, 60 seconds of burn time and we..
Odeo Distress Flare
The ODEO Distress Flare is the next generation of Electronic Visual Distress Signal Device (eVDSD). ..
Odeo Mk3 LED Flare
 The Odeo Flare™ The Odeo Flare™ is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic h..
Offshore Flare Pack
Offshore flare pack - packaged in a waterproof Poly bottle which floats , is portable and easy to st..
Red Rocket Flare
Designed with an ejection height of 350m, these parachute rockets are available in different colours..
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