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1/2 kg Food ration (10 000 kj) MCA / USCG
Emergency food rations for use on liferafts and lifeboats. Designed for consumption with minima..
1/2 Lt Water Sachets - MCA / USCG
Water rations for use in liferafts and lifeboats to aid survival whilst waiting for help to arrive. ..
6Kg Powder Exting SP - MED Approved (FIR0730)
MED Ship's Wheel Approved powder fire extinguisher which come complete with mounting bracket and gau..
Anti - Seasickness Tablets (60) (SUR0005)
Boat Hook Telescopic
Telescopic boathook that is easy to stow. Stowed length of 115cm, extended length of 210cm. ..
Bucket - 3 Gallons (SAF0350)
Fire Blanket - 1.1m x 1.1m (FIR0022)
Fire Blanket in a compact case complete with mounting hole on the back of the case.   - 1..
First Aid Manual - St Johns (MED0157)
The official training manual for all three first aid providers, offering emergency procedures for ev..
Fog Horn & Cannister Set (SAF0015)
Manual gas activated fog horn comes complete with canister. ..
Graduated Drinking Cup - 50ml (SUR0050)
Clear plastic drinking vessel 50ml size. ..
Hacksaw (SAF0075)
12 inch hacksaw, Can be used as a means of severing rigging after the loss of a mast.  Spare bl..
Hand Bearing Compass - Yellow (COM0065)
Suunto KB20/360/R Floating hand held compass with reversible scale. Comes with lense apertur..
Jack Stay Blue Per Mt (Certified) (SAF0230)
KIM Galley Strop (SAF0068)
Liferaft Drogue - MCA (SUR0125)
Sea anchor designed for a liferaft, comes complete with 30 metres of line. ..
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